In Uganda, God is on the move gathering His harvest. The Pearl Haven Ministries team partnered with two other Pastors in Kampala, capital city of Uganda, to share the gospel. We joined Pastor Francis Ssenyondo and his church to do door to door evangelism the whole week in the community where his church is located. We saw 126 come to Christ. 170 bibles were donated to the new believers, and discipleship classes are being held once a week so that the seed is established in good soil.

Meet Briannah Sosa my 3rd cousin who is paralyzed from waist down, what a testimony she was to the Ugandans. They couldn’t believe she traveled across the world in that condition to be with them. We told them the love of Christ is much deeper than our physical condition. She wanted to share the love of Christ with others, so she came to Africa. This eliminated so many of our excuses as to why we can’t go.

We thank God my friend Paul, hoping you are good, your family, and all the church members. This message is from me and my church members they thank you for the gift you gave them they told me to tell you thank you for them your church members for the bibles and prayer they prayed for us. This means you all are our brothers in Jesus's name so we thank God for that. And we join our prayer to pray for you your family and the church members, greet them for usGreet for me your wife I don't no her face but I love her because you and  her our one, not two (Matthew 19:5)     God bless you.
Your friend FRANCIS.

On Thursday's Crusade, Pastor Joseph Edoyibo preached and down came the rain, hoping it would stop or let up but it didn't. The crowds began to take cover and some left the grounds. I felt I needed to get out of the covering and stand along the ones that remained. Pastor Joseph saw the situation and said move my pulpit in the rain and out of this covering, how can I preached under this covering while these people stand out here in the rain. So he preached in the rain, and then the ch...oir moved as well. Many times I wanted to go back to the tent but the Lord said remain. Some more people began to leave, and then the Lord said, bring Briannah Sosa out, she will be an encouragement to those that remain. I hesitated but obedience is what is required. That seemed to be the longest walk to her because of what I was going to ask her. I asked if she would join me to encourage others, she smiled and said, SURE, so we went out in the rain and cold. Wasn't long till we were shivering and I kept praying, can I take her back now Lord, but silence remained, I asked Bri how she was doing and she said okay. I knew she was cold because I was trying to block the rain from hitting her and I could feel her shivering. The people that remained kept looking at her as if we were crazy, but I know they were thinking, if she can stay out here with us in this condition, we will remain. We made it to the end and when they gave the alter call, it stop raining and 26 plus gave their life to the Lord. Briannah has been an encouragement for all. The Lord has great plans for her and it is coming in a mighty way.


Can't stop thinking about the bravest girl I have ever met. An athletic teen who played basketball, volleyball, track, softball, competed in weightlifting , and many other sports. One who had her career pretty much planned out. A college scholarship offered and a career path to become a coach. Well, in Nov of 2014, Briannah Sosa hit a road bump with her plans. She was in a car accident and her injuries caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down. She doesn't remember much ...of what or how it happen, but maybe for a good reason. It has been about 20 months since her accident, and I can't even imagine what she has been through, I just know God has always been by her side. Even through all of this, her heart is still filled with compassion for children. Her goal is to become a coach. When she heard that we were doing a sports camp this year in Uganda, that sparked a fuse. So she told her mom she wanted to go. That, my friends is a quantum leap of faith. And that step of Faith has pleased the Lord. So Briannah went with us for the last week of the trip, and what a testimony she was/is/ and forever will be. She didn't even have to speak, which was probably a good thing, because she is shy, but her actions spoke for themselves. People were amazed that she came all this way to be a part of this mission. It also encourage them to not let circumstances stop you from doing what you are called to do, but let compassion and love lead you to fulfill your destiny. Be driven by the love of our Father. I look forward to the day when she has gained both use of her legs and walking as if this never happened. Briannah Sosa, you better invite me to your wedding, and you better save a piece of cake for Pastor Joseph. Love you girl, you are an inspiration to us all.

PHMI SC2 team did a week long basketball camp at Kitante Primary School. We trained 45 students during this camp. Our goal was to better and develop their skills in basketball, built relationships and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. At the end of the week, we had a competition and the winners received a game ball, a SC2 T-shirt, and an education scholarship. Such a great group of students.                      

PHMI Uganda Mission Trip 2016